Known as the Pearl of Mindoro, Puerto Galera is blessed with the one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbors. It is world famous for splendid beaches, coral reefs, and exquisite dive sites for new and experienced divers alike. It is known among tourists for its numerous pocket beaches, as well as snorkeling spots. It is not hard to understand then why Puerto Galera’s charm appeals to everyone. And this is where Bill Lutt, an American producer, and his Cebuana wife, May Grace, chose to build a home.


Just a few minutes away from the Muelle pier, this charming but not-so-little house does double-duty as the unofficial crowning jewel in the hills of the barangay of Santo Nino, in the resort town of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. For such a large structure, you’d think that it would be easily visible from afar. However, the uphill road we drove along did a splendid job of concealing the Manor at the last possible moment. It was only when we were already on-site that this place seemingly came out of nowhere to impress me.


Next, we came upon a game room which provides even more diversion for tis guest. This section of the mansion is ideal for various sports as it is fully furnished with billiards, table soccer and table tennis sets. Its walls are also adorned with boxing posters of celebrated champions like Many Pacquiao and Muhammad Ali. As we took notice of the “Thrilla in Manila” poster in particular, Lutt was prompted to excitedly recount the climactic ending of the said match between Ali and Joe Fraizer back in 1975.


The Various paintings and sculptures situated around the house have made the place a veritable haven for all forms of artwork. Most of Lutt’s collection was donated by past guests who were smitten by the Manor’s charm (and thereby adding to it by way of their contributions). For instance, the main dining area houses a couple of handmade mask which came from a US-based institute that cares for the mentally challenged.


there’s a honeymoon suite which appropriately takes on a Kama Sutra motif. Featuring a petal-laden bed and wall-mounted candle rest, this room also features a very sensual but tasteful statue of an indian couple, passionately locked in a warm embrace. I jokingly suggested to Lutt to add a fertility statue, an idea which he seriously considered but concluded that conservative guest might find it too racy.

People can truly rest easy at the Manor since management is big on privacy. They understand the importance of this specific need, so they’ve taken the liberty of installing safes in most the rooms as well as sealing off the entire place at night.

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