The first visible town you see upon entering Puerto Galera either by boat or plane is Sabang. The town of Sabang offers dozens of priceless experiences to highly adventurous tourist who is looking for a grand vacation while visiting treasures of the island below the waters. Sabang is globally known as the Divers Paradise offering wonders to discover dating as far as the first trade network of Asia to World War II.


Around the town are gorgeous resorts reasonable enough for back packer travelers. Sabang host more than 14 resorts and dozens of dive shops to cater for its ever popular activity. The amazing Coral Gardens is one of its most popular diving attractions, breath taking coral reef formations, caves to visit, bountiful fishes and turtles, and the awe stunning giant clam garden.

There are 33 known dive locations around Puerto Galera and most of them are reachable through the town of Sabang. Not only you could satisfy your love for underwater activities but also appease your craving for scrumptious food cooked in family restaurants and bars all round town keeping its night life alive and much to offer.


The town of Sabang is at the northern tip of Puerto Galera and very accessible by vehicle 30 minutes from The Iconic Manor. If you love diving look at your schedule and be absolutely sure to put Sabang in your list for it will blow you away.