The new owner of this wonderful real estate will have the option of continuing to accept guests, as The Manor is a very successful 5-Star Resort Hotel in its own right. Enjoy the benefit of the ongoing income from high occupancy.

You could even choose to have both. Use the Manor privately, occupying the main mansion exclusively when you are home in Puerto Galera, and accept guests and enjoy income when you are busy elsewhere in the world.

Even when you are home in the main mansion, you can benefit from income from the surrounding guest houses if you choose.

Originally built as a private residence, the properties popularity demanded expansion. It is flanked by 2 luxurious Guest Houses totalling 11 luxury bedrooms on a 4,300 Square Metres Land Mass. Find out more about the property geographical Location where you will find famous Filipino families such as the Locsin’s and Ayala’s have settled.

The Manor At Puerto Galera Estate Puerto Galera’s Five Star Resort Hotel

The Manor at Puerto Galera estate is set in a half-hectare compound overlooking five bodies of water, surrounded by a small rain forest and exquisitely designed for the most discriminating clientele.

As a private residence or a luxury service business. The manor will exceed your expectations on every turn, the only question is can you envision its potential? Puerto Galera is already converting to a high-end vacation get away offering premium quality dive locations numbering from pre-world war 1 treasures, caves to other activities and attractions from night diving, seeing the clam garden or swimming with the giant sea turtles. Are you ready to own fairly priced property?


Privacy, Serenity. Luxury in your paradise.

The Manor shining stunningly above the “Beverly Hills” of Puerto Galera offers more than gorgeous views and modern built quality. It is also established the key factor that captivates the heart of its visitors, Privacy in Luxury. the Manor offers serenity amongst it’s visitors through natural air-conditioning on its towering floors but also security not only on a personal level but needs like precious amenities being 3 to 6km close to the nearest bank, market, piers and a wide selection of beaches filled with fun filled activities.